Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A for Active

Kolobrzeg is very active city. Every time of the year you can find something for yourself, running, nordic walking, biking, cayaking, swimmimg or riding a tank....
This time the real action was on the streets of Kolobrzeg. End of August 2017. Solidarność Race.
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  1. ...and so good for your heart!

  2. Determination on those faces, I see.

  3. I'd love to live in a city like that!

  4. not my kind of active... I am the most active in a zoo, tomorrow again ;-)

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  6. One of my daughters ran track and cross country in high school, and the other did a year of the one that did the year of track runs all the time.

  7. Runs are so much fun. I don't do them anymore, but once upon a time I did. I usually came in among the last but that's okay. Someone has to be last. :-)